Selfless Promotion Always Wins

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The difference between being lifted up into leadership and self-promoting yourself into leadership is the most common misunderstanding and barrier to enjoying a prosperous and successful professional life.

What Do Graduates Want to Do?

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A quick look at this infographic from Mindmixer's blog got me thinking, what do most graduates want to do post-graduation? I myself graduated just a few quick days ago, and you better believe, every student, uncle, and grandparent alike has asked me, "What are your plans after graduation?" My initial reaction: Still working on it. My response: Taking it easy, while I search for jobs with career potential. Meanwhile I have friends approaching the job search at every spot on the spectrum.

Summer Means 90 Days to Develop a New Skill

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Finals, hot weather, and you can likely taste the long days at the pool that are just around the corner.

Summer is perfect for a lot of things, and besides the shorts weather, summer makes for the perfect time to develop a new skill. If you plan on having free time this sumner or can allot yourself a chunk of free time each week, you can spend the coveted ninety day break on learning a new skill or perfecting an old one. Bonus, you can add this skill to your portfolio and maybe even make some serious money off of your new hobby.

5 Words to the Wise About Getting Started

End of the Year Wrap Up

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Summer is finally--well, almost finally--here! Soon essays, group projects, and hours in the library will come to a blissful end. However, before moving into full senioritis or just plain end of the year apathy mode, there are a few tasks before you may need to complete before taking that coveted break.

Branding Yourself

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It’s no secret that these days you’re not selling your skills, you’re selling your brand.
How, you may wonder, can you sell your brand if you are still trying to figure it out yourself?
Establishing your brand starts with identifying what you do best and how you want to market that to companies and businesses.

Getting Started on Your FolioMatch Digital Portfolio

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Now that we’ve discussed why presenting your experiences online, portfolio style, will benefit you when talking to employers, job-hunting, and racking up experiences, let’s figure out what the next step is.

The Importance of Having an Online Portfolio

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Every student has heard the importance of creating a resume or cover letter, but you’re not usually told you need a portfolio until it’s too late. Educators, teachers, mentors and the internet are constantly telling students how and why they need to write up their resume (even multiple times), but they forget that a portfolio is even better.

FolioMatch Hosts MO Challenge, Students Bring Incredible Ideas

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Alright, we have a new business model for you:

Exceptional Students+Robotics+FolioMatch=Successful 2013 Missouri Entrepreneurship Challenge

Last Tuesday, FolioMatch had the pleasure of hosting the 2013 Missouri Entrepreneurship Challenge in St. Joseph, MO where 100 high school students from around Missouri competed for best business concept using robotics. Cool, right?


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