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Branding Yourself

It’s no secret that these days you’re not selling your skills, you’re selling your brand.
How, you may wonder, can you sell your brand if you are still trying to figure it out yourself?
Establishing your brand starts with identifying what you do best and how you want to market that to companies and businesses.

1. Define your personality
Companies want to know what your personality brings to the table, what drives you and see that you are excited about something. If you create a strong brand for your name, you are headed in the right direction. So, what do you bring to the table? Are you funny, free-thinking, fast? Whatever strengths you hold are important to someone, so own them!

2. Create your separate social media channels
Businesses cards, websites, and social media are YOUR friend. Yep, all of them are. Just getting your name out there by word of mouth is not enough. It could be to your benefit that you create separate social media channels, especially to make available to clients. That is, a twitter that stands separate from the one you use to tweet at your friends. Make a Facebook ‘Page’ rather than using your own personal account. Start an Instagram for your business; all of these will help get your name out there online. Vistaprint lets you print 250 business cards for free. Nothing to lose! Also, if you are not ready to buy a domain for your own personal website Wordpress and Wix are great free resources.

3. Stick with one design
To execute your social media, website, and business cards successfully, all the channels you utilize should exist cohesively. Businesses cards, websites, and your social media channels should more or less match, send the same messages, and express who you are. Once you have created your social media channels, make sure that they match. There is nothing more awkward than having connected accounts looking sloppy and unrelated. Users enjoy seeing uniformity across the board. This will work to your advantage also, because having that strong sense of identity for your brand will make your brand stronger. More importantly, when you have these channels up and running, do not let them slip. If your last update was 6 months ago, how relevant are you to your users?

4. Be patient, it’s a process.
Branding yourself is a process. Part will happen naturally. Part will take hard work. Everyone has their own unique personality. The trick is capturing that personality and allowing it to take on its own set of characteristics and definition. Once you have found your own voice and strategy, make a list of what those characteristics are. Keep those ideas in mind every time you update, change, and create; that way your voice will become stronger and stronger. Eventually your content and work will be easily recognizable to viewers.

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