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End of the Year Wrap Up

Summer is finally--well, almost finally--here! Soon essays, group projects, and hours in the library will come to a blissful end. However, before moving into full senioritis or just plain end of the year apathy mode, there are a few tasks before you may need to complete before taking that coveted break.

1. Clean up your portfolio.
We all know that once summer hits, that ‘peace out school!’ feeling hits with it. Make the tweaks and updates to your portfolio before that feeling takes over. Add end of the year projects you have worked on. Update your volunteer hours. Made the Dean’s list? Put that under your ‘Awards’ tab. You will thank yourself later for keeping your portfolio updated, before you lose track of everything.

2. Get your 2014 mapped out.
Do you have plans for the Fall 2014 semester? Or do you have a million different ideas of what you would like to be up to? List them out. Prioritize what responsibilities you want to take on. No one can do it all. Decide which clubs, organizations, service learning, and work you want to take on before the year. That way you can get your schedule somewhat mapped out before the year begins.

3. Apply for an internship.
Especially if you are an incoming junior or senior in college, applying for an internship can be what gets your foot in the door at your future job or the experience that sells (or repels) you from a particular career. Internmatch (for local and national internships) Idealist (geared towards social change and non-profits) are both great tools for finding the type of internship you are after. Updating your FolioMatch portfolio is also a good way to get prepared for an internship. You can print off your jam-packed bio sheet and present it to your interviewer. They’ll be happy to learn a little bit about you and a lot about your accomplishments when considering your application.

4. Take on an Extra Activity.
You may not have the time or requirements to apply for the internship you want, if you’re an incoming freshman, etc. Volunteering for a non-profit, joining a local organization, or working on a political campaign are all excellent ways to build your resume and skill set before starting the school year. Because your stress levels will likely be lower in the summer, the season is the perfect time to start a new activity. Have you always wanted to work on an environmental campaign or volunteer for a cause you are passionate about but haven’t had the time? This summer you can fullfill that, knock it out, and by next year you’ll have an edge on your fellow applicants for internships and jobs.

As always, enjoy your classes before summer comes around. Soak up your summer and hopefully you get a nice break.

Good luck!

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