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FolioMatch To Help Student Competitors During Kansas City’s MECA Challenge

MECA Challenge

Here at FolioMatch, we love to see youth with the drive and ambition to start working towards their futures today. That’s why we created FolioMatch – and it’s also why we are sponsoring Kansas City’s first-ever Most Entrepreneurial City in America (MECA) Challenge this week.

MECA is an innovation competition that challenges some of Kansas City’s brightest students to solve real business problems with innovative tech solutions. Not only will the students have to think up a solution, but they will also create wireframes of their technology solution, plus a marketing and launch plan for their solution. Obviously, these students and young professionals are going to be creating a lot of stuff in a short amount of time. So how are they going to keep track of it after the competition is over? With FolioMatch, of course!

FolioMatch will provide our portfolio creation services to all the students participating in the competition. This way, all of the youth will have access to the great work they will accomplish during the competition! Whether they win or not, these students will be able to showcase their awesome ideas and projects throughout this competition for years to come.

Want to learn how FolioMatch can help keep track of your special projects? Get in touch!

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