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FolioMatch Hosts MO Challenge, Students Bring Incredible Ideas

Alright, we have a new business model for you:

Exceptional Students+Robotics+FolioMatch=Successful 2013 Missouri Entrepreneurship Challenge

Last Tuesday, FolioMatch had the pleasure of hosting the 2013 Missouri Entrepreneurship Challenge in St. Joseph, MO where 100 high school students from around Missouri competed for best business concept using robotics. Cool, right?

Dressed in their finest attire, students anxiously awaited the signal to break out into groups after the opening ceremonies, so that they could get started on conceiving and developing their ideas.  Teams split in a mad dash at 9:00 to get thinking and perfect their ideas for presentation at noon. One group made up an app in which students could anonymously report bullies to the principal, with geographic accuracy, so that the principal could quickly find the bully and assess the situation. Do you think this is how the combat to stop bullying will be in the future?

Along with the wonderful ideas, students brought a passion unmatched in other settings; you could feel the anticipation and excitement in the room.

The team that took home first place though, came up with a robot who would save people from burning buildings. Their pitch was this: Why risk a human’s life to do what we can build a robot to do and save lives? They bring us, Firebot.

 The FolioMatch team is so thankful we had the privilege of hosting this awesome competition; if only there were more out there like it! Awesome job to all the students who participated; we could not be more impressed or excited about your ideas. The enthusiasm that the students brought made us even more excited about what we do.  Thanks for rocking it out, guys!

If you’re looking to use our platform for your great ideas, give us a shout!

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