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Getting Started on Your FolioMatch Digital Portfolio

Now that we’ve discussed why presenting your experiences online, portfolio style, will benefit you when talking to employers, job-hunting, and racking up experiences, let’s figure out what the next step is.

1. Add Experiences.
The experiences you choose to add to your profile may include anything from the time you studied abroad in London to the time you had that killer internship the summer before college. Whether you volunteer regularly for a cause that you are passionate about or you spent a year as a Big Brother or Big Sister, your profile is that place to highlight that experience. In a resume, every experience is not created equal---you do not show off each experience fairly--but by using FolioMatch you can show off pictures from your experiences and even videos to perfectly showcase what you gained from that experience.

2.Add Projects.
If you have created something you are proud of and want to display that work to future employers My Projects is that place. Here you may include infographics you have designed, websites you have developed, or a short film you have directed. No matter the medium, you can best display these projects under the My Projects category. Employers want to see how you design, what came of your film degree, and how your website actually turned out. In this way employers or universities can actually visualize and conceptualize how you have used that degree or diploma you worked so hard for and what you are capable of. They can see that not only did you graduate with a degree in “Film” or “Web Development”, but the work that you have completed. A degree is a degree, but you cannot substitute a demonstration of your skill for words on a resume.

Quick ideas and examples of what My Projects may include:

-a blog you author
-your side business where you make and sell your own goods
-campaign you created

3. Update Your Story
Think of your My Story portion of your FolioMatch profile as your personal statement; use this space to portray to viewers your personality, your interests and hobbies in a quick and accessible format.

4.Print Your Resume
Now that you’ve gathered all your accomplishments, projects and experiences in one place, you have yourself a resume that you can proudly bring with you to hand out at interviews. Not to mention you have racked up a load of Foliopoints in the process.

If you have any questions along the way, chat us or send us an e-mail at!

Happy online portfolio creating!

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