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How Volunteering Can Help Your Career

How Volunteering Can Help Your Career

Whatever your age, interests, or hobbies, this post is relevant to you. Volunteering won’t go out of style, and trying something new or thoroughly developing a skill will help you in any career or to find any career.  This list will explain why to volunteer and how to make the most of your experience. As for all of you students or anyone job-hunting, volunteering will help you land that career.

Gain Experience.

Volunteering can lead to many different experiences, as I’m sure you already know. Our world will always need volunteers, and as a result the opportunities are everywhere.  Want to find yourself in the nitty-gritty of a field you are interested in? Or do you want to give back to a cause close to your heart? Volunteering can help you achieve both, and have you learning all the way through.

Knowing Your Strengths.

Depending on what you are interested in, you can  become a big brother or big sister, tutor kids your best subject, work to increase literacy, lead an art therapy session, work on a political campaign, etc. and the possibilities never end. Thanks to the endless options, you have probably dipped your feet in a few different areas of the non-profit world, community organizations, or fundraisers already.

Expanding on Your Passions.

The real value and skill lies in how you choose to spend that time and where you decide to devote your efforts, although every hand counts.

Landing a Job.

After dedicating so much time to your own area, what you’re excited about, you will gain real life skills. Whether you’ve facilitated presentations, led campaigns, or organized events, believe it or not, these experiences will help you in the job world. You’ll likely use the skills you’ve acquired, and hey!, by the time you’re doing them for money  won’t seem so daunting! Not to mention, if you’ve worn a few different hats along the way, your ability to adapt and learn holds its own value.

Volunteering yields many benefits: social, moral, and otherwise, and lending a hand in your local community will make you feel good.  The fact that volunteering will help you grown as a person and help you in your career is just a bonus.

To document those experiences you are free to use our portfolio platform. We would love to see yours there!

Questions or comments? We’d love to answer them all. Or do you have a volunteer to career experience you’d like to share? Shoot us an e-mail at or tweet at @FolioMatch—we want to hear from you!

Happy volunteering!

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