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The Importance of Having an Online Portfolio

Every student has heard the importance of creating a resume or cover letter, but you’re not usually told you need a portfolio until it’s too late. Educators, teachers, mentors and the internet are constantly telling students how and why they need to write up their resume (even multiple times), but they forget that a portfolio is even better.

While your resume helps you get your foot in the door of your future employer, your portfolio is why they’ll hire you. Although a resume is important, your portfolio is just as important for showing your true value to your future employer. Because of this, we’ve broken down the top four reasons you need to make your portfolio sooner rather than later:

1. Action speaks louder than words

Sure, your resume lists all of your accomplishments and skills, but at the end of the day they are just words on paper. Of course it’s against the rules to lie on your resume, but it’s not uncommon for people (especially students with little experience) to fudge the truth. You’ll truly stand out from the crowd if you have a portfolio ready! Have a portfolio of your best work will not only prove that your resume is 100% true, but it will just look more impressive.

2. Show how you’ve grown

Speaking of impressive, if you host your portfolio on a platform like FolioMatch, you’ll be able to show not just what you’ve accomplished but how you’ve grown. Almost like a timeline of accomplishments, you’ll be able to prove to any future employer what you can do and exactly how you got there.

3. Prove you’re a fast learner

Sometimes it’s not just your hard skills that get you the job. Often employers bank on your ability to grow into the perfect person for the job, rather than being a pro at every little thing. With

4. increased credibility
You can tell your interviewer all day long about how you generated awesome written content for a previous client or how you’re definitely well-versed in PhotoShop, but until you show them the article (and it’s 72 shares) or you hand them that awesome infographic you created, they won’t know what you’re capable of. Demonstrating that talent in a concrete or online way shows off your skills in a professional way.

5. FolioMatch can help--If you’re thinking now you might want to go ahead with the smart portfolio approach and bring something extra to an interview, now it’s time to start building your portfolio. Deep breath, we can help. You can start by collecting what you already have (blogs, articles, animation, videos, writing samples etc.). Then you can start your own portfolio on our portfolio platform It’s super easy (and free?!) to get started, and you can show off your credibility starting to-DAY!

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Good luck on your portfolio!

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