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Selfless Promotion Always Wins

The difference between being lifted up into leadership and self-promoting yourself into leadership is the most common misunderstanding and barrier to enjoying a prosperous and successful professional life.
Most organizations and the individuals within see promotion as a matter of merit, longevity, consistency and level of effort which was put into the negotiation tactics during the ‘all-too-ritualistic’ annual employee review/hiring process. What is so terribly wrong about this is the whole nature of how most companies/individuals go about the promotion process. They've got it backwards.

The most proven way to enjoy a prosperous and successful professional life is be lifted up into a leadership role that was given to you through selfless giving both inside and outside the organization. In the realm of job stability this also means that you are more likely to be kept at the organization longer, because you are irreplaceable in every way. The relationships you cultivate, the attitude you bring, the environment you support and believe in all contribute to increasing the switching cost from you to someone else.
We often think about switching costs in comparison to Phone Company A & B, which can be as high as $200-$300 per user, but we fail to apply the same type of thinking to our actually lives. If today and every day after you go into work with a positive attitude and lift up the entire organization and everyone you encounter every day, you will be increasing the switching cost of replacing you. Now it is not just finding someone with an equivalent skill set, but it is now finding someone with the right attitude, commitment level, enthusiasm, contribution-driven mindset along with that equivalent skill-set. Your switching cost for the company just went from $300 to $3000 in terms of mobile comparisons. In the real world, you might save a company an average of $50,000 over 2 or 3 years in straight Human Resource time and effort.

Give your life for someone else’s benefit and others will do the same for you. The right way to promote yourself is to give more than you think you are capable of only to realize others push for your promotion without you participating at all. Employees of any organization want to be led, and 9 times out of 10 it is by someone that is not currently there boss. If you are an irreplaceable person full of character, commitment, giving, trust and honesty, then forget about your number of years of job experience and start expecting increase from every side.

Never have to sell yourself and your abilities again…

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