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Summer Means 90 Days to Develop a New Skill

Finals, hot weather, and you can likely taste the long days at the pool that are just around the corner.

Summer is perfect for a lot of things, and besides the shorts weather, summer makes for the perfect time to develop a new skill. If you plan on having free time this sumner or can allot yourself a chunk of free time each week, you can spend the coveted ninety day break on learning a new skill or perfecting an old one. Bonus, you can add this skill to your portfolio and maybe even make some serious money off of your new hobby.

5 Words to the Wise About Getting Started

1. You Finally Have a Break
Summer means you have at least a little extra time to dedicate to something. Whether it's picking up an extra shift, bringing your social life back to ,well, life, or picking up an extra class, summer allows you to catch up on something.
Maybe this summer, you have a lot of free time, or you want to spend it getting really good at one specific thing. This is the summer to do so. Utilize this break time dedicating yourself and your time to something you've been passionate about wanting to learn.

2. Chip Away at Your 10,000 Hours
They say it takes 10,000 hours of your time until you can officially call yourself an "expert." There are 90 days in the summer levels out to a mere 2,160 hours with about 810 hours of daylight. Chip away at those 10,000 hours. Build your skill. Or, if you're starting from scratch dip your feet in something.

3. Find Your Project
Maybe you already have something in mind, that you have been meaning to really get done. Or maybe, you have been wanting to start something. Coding, learning a second language, getting certified in CPR; whatever you've been dying to learn or perfect write it down. Put it at the top of your priority list, and get started on your 90 days.

4. By Fall You May Make Some Cash
By the time 90 days is over and the leaves start turning orange, you will have developed or perfected your skill. And, hey, you may be able to make money off that skill. Even if you don't, you'll be well on your way, and you can at the very least market this new talent, you've worked all summer long on.

5. Another Skill or Project to Add to Your Portfolio
Another skill means another addition to your FolioMatch portfolio. The better you are at something, the more time you've truly worked hard at something is totally valuable. Employers love to see that someone is really passionate at something, that they have faced a challenge and beat it. Who doesn't love a challenge, anyway, right? Whatever you have desperately been wanting to be awesome at, you can do it. Even better, you can talk about your new skill in interviews and on your resume.

Good luck, get out there, and happy summer!

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