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What is FolioMatch?

Many students discover too late that they need an attractive way to display the work they’ve accomplished. At the same time, other young professionals are left wondering what career path is right for them. All of us have been there: sure, there are things we like to do, but we have no idea how to turn those hobbies and interests into a career. That is, until now.

FolioMatch is much more than a great way to display your achievements. Ultimately, FolioMatch strives to be a resource to all the students out there who need more than a place to store their stuff. We’re hear to guide you and give you the tools you need to pursue your dreams – and be a success.

This is why FolioMatch is going beyond the online portfolio and has created a way to match you with the resources you need to succeed. FolioMatch has the ability to take the work you’ve already done, plus any other interests, to match you with potential schools, scholarships, internships, service opportunities and a mentor! We’ll partner you with someone who has already made it in the industry you want to work in to give you the perfect advice for your questions. We know that sometimes parents (sorry, Mom and Dad!), teachers and family members can’t answer all your college or career-related questions. That’s why we’ve created FolioMatch so you don’t have to keep asking questions that never get answered.

However, FolioMatch isn’t just an excellent resource for students! Matching goes both ways, my friends. Now schools can find the perfect candidates for their scholarships and programs, without having to wonder if this student will excel at one’s campus. Their portfolios prove they are up to the challenge!

Speaking of challenge, it’s a tough job market out there for both businesses and college graduates. Now students will be able to get the experience they need and businesses will hire the students they want with our internship matching service. It’s truly a win-win for everyone.

Still need more reasons to join FolioMatch? We’ll give you an earful. 

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