Business Development Intern, FolioMatch

Sinead McDonough Dec 6th, 2013
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FolioMatch is a startup company in Kansas City, MO headed by Evan Kirsch, a fellow UMKC graduate. As an intern at FolioMatch, I manage the site’s social media accounts: Twitter and Facebook. I strategize content to promote on the social media platforms, and this includes creating some of the content myself. I blog for, portraying to users local events we will participate in and student entrepreneurship news. In addition, I enjoy writing about advice on how to thrive in the business world, landing jobs as a graduate, and how volunteering can help someone’s career. I use my ‘millennial’ generation to create content users close to my age will enjoy reading and learning about.
Other responsibilites as part of the FolioMatch team include researching potential clients, getting students on board, and helping out at the local events in which we participate.