Semester Studying Abroad, Madrid

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I spent five months studying abroad in Spain’s Capital, living with a host family, trying entirely new things, and attending classes. My classes were five days a week of Spanish intensive coursework. They moved from there to being about entirely cultural and historical perspectives on the country. I totally immersed myself in the culture, by taking full advantage of the opportunity to live with my Spanish-speaking host family, in the center of the city. I learned to navigate new cities, subway and bus plans, and to speak another language.

Vice President, Mercury Association

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Mercury Association is the only Communications Studies organization on UMKC's campus for students.

Host, 2013 Missouri Entrepreneurship Challenge

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FolioMatch was lucky enough to be invited to host the 2013 Missouri Entrepreneurship Finals. This meant creating a prompt video, explaining to students what kind of business they would be instructed to construct. FolioMatch was also in charge of creating the Missouri Entrepreneurship Challenge's website, where students could gather information on the competition, post testimonials, and watch an instructional video prompt. At the finals students delivered winning ideas, following the instruction to build a company with a foundation in robotics.

Portfolio Coaching

Working with students and other individuals to help them enhance, add to, and overall improve their working portfolios. Through mentoring students and helping them to create their portfolios, we are able to figure out the best options for colleges, scholarships and internships. Working one on one with the students is the perfect way to develop their strengths and help determine what the best opportunities are available to them, whether it's in the job world, university world, or the volunteering world.

Venture Creation Challenge 2012

Each year the Regnier Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UMKC holds the Challenge in April. This Challenge is designed to encourage student venture creation through a forum in which students can present new venture concepts to local investors, business leaders, and entrepreneurs.
Throughout the year, UMKC students develop business plans supporting commercialization of high-growth potential technologies as well as for their own original ventures. These student teams compete in the Challenge for one or more of awards.

FolioMatch LLC.

FolioMatch is constantly striving to become the go-to strategy for tracking individual professional development and achievement through online-based portfolios.

FolioMatch is a driven team of entrepreneurs who believe that if you engage with your customers they will engage with you. Especially when provided with unparalleled customer service and the right personalized on-line set of tools to succeed.

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